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Here's what families are saying about music lessons at Knox Music Studios:

Our 9 year old daughter, Britton, has taken piano lessons from KMS since she was 5 years old. Her teacher, Mrs. Naomi, is an exceptional teacher. She challenges her skill level, offers plenty of coaching and encouragement, and expertly prepares her for every aspect of recitals and festivals. We have watched Britton grow into a most enjoyable piano player who is both confident and proud of her accomplishments. Mrs. Naomi’s skillful and passionate approach to teaching piano is unmatched and we feel fortunate Britton has such an exceptional teacher and has developed a love for music!
Sharon and Brent Shumaker, 9/19/13
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I am an adult student at Knox Music Studios. My teacher, Naomi, could not be more perfect for my needs. She manages to balance just the right amount of high-bar-setting with patience to make me feel both encouraged and energized to practice so that I can reach my personal goal of re-learning the piano. She's handy with lots of practical practicing tips so that I never feel "stuck." Because of her, I have music under my fingers than I never imagined I would be capable of playing. Working with her is a joy. And Knox Music Studios makes the logistics of my piano lessons easy and efficient.
Cathy Henschen, 9/13/13
My children have been taking guitar, piano, and voice lessons from Knox Music Studios for three years. Their knowledge of music theory and their ability to play their instruments has continued to develop by leaps and bounds. All three of their teachers, Mr. Ben (piano), Ms. Kady (guitar), and Ms. Rachelle (voice), are well trained professionals in their various fields, but are able to give my girls a relaxing and and encouraging atmosphere to grow their abilities. Thank you, KMS, for instilling a love of music in my children!
Meredith Kuester and Family, 9/10/13
There are a lot of things about Knox Music Studios and Ms. Karen I could talk about such as the family atmosphere, fun cook-outs and games, or even the many encouraging notes from Karen, emails from Matt and Lynn and best of all, watching my daughter grow and develop a greater love for music. But the thing that has touched me most and sticks out in my memory as a true example of the spirit of KMS and their teachers is one of my daughter’s earliest recitals. She was so very nervous and though she practiced at home and with Karen she worried that she would mess up and everyone would laugh. When the big day finally came, she wanted to wear something special and chose a long formal style dress. She looked beautiful and proudly started across the stage when her name was called. Then the worst happened; she fell really hard before she made it to the piano. She started to cry and my heart went out to her; but before I could react, both Lynn and Karen rushed over. Watching them gently help her up, put their arms around her all the while encouraging her was a moment that forever touched my heart. But the best part for me was when they talked her into coming back out later and giving it another try. They even walked back out to the piano with her. She played very well although a little shaky and every parent there stood and applauded for her. Some of them even came over after the recital and said how proud she should be and what a good job she’d done! I asked Joy if she remembered that day and she said, “I don’t remember everything about it, just that Ms. Karen and Ms. Lynn made me feel better and told me I should face my fears and not allow my hard work to go to waste. I was really embarrassed but everyone made me feel better about what happened and then I wasn’t so afraid. Ms. Karen always tells me what a good job I’m doing and how proud she is of my hard work. I really like her a lot. She does lot’s of things to make her class more interesting.” For me, this is KMS, this is my daughter’s music teacher, and this is our music family. Thanks KMS for five great years and looking forward to many more!
Jannice and Joy Sutton, 9/10/2013
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The Fitzwilliam Family
Our son Nathan, age 9, has been taking at KMS for 2 years. We enrolled him because we were told that kids on the autism spectrum were often good at music. After talking to Matt, he recommended Mrs. Karen and our experience has been amazing. Mrs. Karen is patient, and she is able to keep Nathan on track. She is very supportive  and understanding when Nathan is having an "off day." She starts and ends class on time and gives clear direction which is important! Because of Mrs. Karen, Nathan has grown to LOVE piano. We don’t even have to ask him to practice! And this month, he will be completing the Suzuki Book 1. We look forward to many more years at KMS and tutoring by Mrs. Karen.
Christina Fitzwilliam, 11/12/12
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Screen Shot 2012-12-11 at 1.03.33 PMMy children, Campbell and Davis, have been students at KMS for three years. When we first started taking piano, I was uncertain I was equipped for the challenge of daily practice and helping my children understand the importance of this commitment while keeping it fun. Through the patience and guidance their teacher, my children have progressed with their piano skills while enjoying the process.

Our experience has been so wonderful that last year my daughter started to take violin as well. We were paired with a gifted teacher that shares her talents in ways that motivate my daughter to explore, while helping her focus on finer points of honing her skills. Watching my daughter being taught has helped me to be a better parent and "home music teacher" to my children. Group classes and student appreciation days have added a sense of community. My children anticipate meeting with their friends to play music and laugh, hardly realizing they are developing their skills.
Matt and Lynn have worked with us to make all of our lessons fit a busy schedule. The studio is clean and bright and constantly  improving. KMS is a place we look forward to going each week. I know if I need help with practice issues, scheduling or have questions I will be met with a willingness to find a solution quickly. We have found a community there with fellow student families and staff. I credit KMS with bringing music into our home.
Screen Shot 2012-12-11 at 1.03.55 PM - Kelli Tidwell and Family, 11/14/12
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Approximately 2 years ago, I passed by Knox Music Studios trying to get something for lunch.  I located their web page on the internet and decided to check into taking violin lessons.  It is very hard to find teachers who are willing and more importantly able to teach adults!  We tend to try to run before we can walk.  I have been blessed for the last 2 years to be at Knox Music Studios.  I was impressed by the amount of information presented to new students, the support you get from the administration and from other instructors and fellow students.  I highly recommend them for children and adults alike.
Vickie Mitchell, 11/12/12