Knox Music Studios, focusing exclusively on providing the highest quality music lesson experience.

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One of our happy violin students!

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Qualified, Experienced Instructors
Our teachers have or are pursuing music degrees - but more importantly, all are excellent, gifted instructors that really connect with their students.
Music Instruction is Our Focus
Our mission is quality music instruction and nothing else! Our specialty is the "private lesson" format, ensuring our students receive individualized attention in a professional learning environment free of distractions.
Versatility of Instruction
Every type of private music lesson is offered at Knox Music Studios, including Suzuki, traditional, "by ear," improvisation, rock, bluegrass, jazz, fiddle, classical, modern and pop.
Variety of Instructors
We have a choice of more than one teacher for most instruments to fit different personalities and learning styles.
All Ages Welcome
Instruction is available for children as young as four to great-grandparents!
All Levels Welcome
All levels of musicianship, from beginners to collegiate level, can be accommodated.
Convenient Scheduling
We have the ability to schedule simultaneous private lessons for 2 or more family members to avoid excess waiting and travel time.
Extra Value with Our Recitals
Optional (but highly encouraged) recitals, held in a welcoming, professional environment, are offered twice a year.
Really Nice Teaching Rooms
We have 10 spacious, clean and soundproofed studios for lessons, including a group lesson room.