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Due to the tension on the strings, and the force it takes to create the vibrations, a beginning student’s hands should be at least as large and as strong as an average six or seven year old. There is no upper limit. William’s students range in age from the single digits all the way into the 70’s.
Most students prefer to rent a harp in the beginning. Some student lever harps rent for as little as $45.00 per month. Some harp companies have rent-to-own programs. We would be delighted to help you locate an instrument for your lessons!
Lever harps generally have a three to five octave range. (21-35 strings.) Lever harps have individual sharpening levers—one for each string—attached to the neck (the curvy part at the top) of the harp. They are engaged by hand, one at a time. It’s easy to change keys between songs, but difficult to create accidentals during a song.
Pedal harps generally have a 5 ½ to 6 ½ octave range. (40-47 strings.) On pedal harps, the sharpening mechanisms are activated by foot pedals. One pedal affects all the C strings; one affects all the D strings, etc. It’s possible to play flat, natural, or sharp on each string. Because the feet do all the changing, it’s possible to move smoothly from key to key, or to activate necessary accidental changes without interrupting the fingers. You can play most lever harp repertoire on pedal harp, but a lot of pedal harp repertoire can’t be played on lever harps.
Wire strung harps and Paraguayan harps require a different technical approach than lever and pedal harps and are not currently taught at KMS.
When selecting a harp, the most important thing to look for is “concert gauge and spacing.” The thickness of the strings matters greatly as does how far apart the strings are spaced in order to develop correct technique. Insist on the industry standard. (Many inexpensive lever harps use very thin closely spaced strings. Trying to learn on an instrument like this would be like trying to use a badminton racquet to learn to play tennis.)
Most of William’s students begin performing for audiences at their schools or churches long before they have practiced for two years. Harp music is especially popular at Christmas time; usually by a student’s 2nd Christmas as a harp student, he/she has a repertoire of at least a half dozen Carols.
Most pieces currently available for beginning orchestras do not include harp parts, but, William has been working closely with directors of beginner orchestras in many school districts for nearly two decades to write age/skill appropriate harp parts for their use with his students. He would welcome the opportunity to work with your school’s orchestra director.
A resounding yes! Over the years, William’s best harp students have earned generous rewards for their many years of diligent practice.

The harp instructor at Knox Music Studios:

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William Lovelace began his harp studies in Colorado over thirty years ago. He holds a BA in Education and an MM in Music. He moved to East Tennessee in 1989 and began serving the people of this region as a harp teacher and performer.

Many of his students have performed with the Knoxville Symphony Youth Orchestra, the Symphony of the Mountains Youth Orchestra (Kingsport), the Orchestra at Maryville College, the University of Tennessee Symphony Orchestra as well as All East and All State Orchestras.

Lovelace also serves a much larger harp-world with over a dozen published harp solos and arrangements. Between 1990 and 2006, he served two six-year terms on the National Board of Directors of the American Harp Society and also served as National President of the AHS for four of those twelve years.

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