Drum and/or percussion lessons can be an enriching experience and will develop coordination and "time feel" (feeling the rhythm in music tastefully). Here are a few commonly asked questions:

Drum lessons are usually best to begin when the student can read and count proficiently, 7 or older.
All styles of percussion (often called "drums") can be accommodated. We will always start our drum students with fundamentals using a snare drum. With this method, students will learn proper drumstick technique and how to count rhythms accurately.
Not right away, but you'll need to at least get a snare drum (or a practice pad), snare stand, drumsticks and a metronome.

The drumset instructor at Knox Music Studios:

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is a drummer, percussionist, and composer from Memphis, TN. He is currently a junior at the University of Tennessee where is studying in Studio Music and Jazz and is minoring in Music Composition. He has been actively performing around Tennessee and has continued to teach (since 2018), write, and perform.


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A grounding in the arts will help our children to see; to bring a uniquely human perspective to science and technology. In short, it will help them as they grow smarter to also grow wiser.
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