Learning how to use your voice as an instrument is a rewarding experience! Check out this basic info:

Since you're "exercising" and training your voice, it's better to begin lessons at age 10 and up. Any younger than that wouldn't be recommended for the rigors of vocal technique.
We can typically accommodate all styles of voice, from jazz to classical! Our teachers focus on proper technique for all genres.
Consider playing an instrument too so you can accompany yourself!

The voice instructors at Knox Music Studios:

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holds both a Bachelor and Master of Music in Vocal Performance. She performed frequently before her move to East TN and was middle school choir director for 6 years. She has taught voice since 2005.

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has an AFA in Vocal Performance, and has performed with choirs throughout the US and abroad in regions of Spain, the Czech Republic and Austria. She has been teaching since 2016.

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A grounding in the arts will help our children to see; to bring a uniquely human perspective to science and technology. In short, it will help them as they grow smarter to also grow wiser.
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