Piano lessons are a great start for music instruction! We have the most qualified piano instructors at Knox Music Studios. Some frequently asked questions:

Piano lessons are great to start any time because the piano is so easy to play… After all, it really only takes one finger to press a key and you're off! We typically start piano students at 5 (or when they have starting reading). And, with our versatility, you can learn as "young" as 90!
We teach all styles of piano. Suzuki, traditional, jazz, improvisation, "by ear…" Any age student and skill level can be accommodated because we have instructors ready, willing and able to meet your needs.
Yes and no, it really depends on the student and their goals. All of our piano teachers will agree it is best you have access to a quality acoustic piano for most piano lessons. An acoustic piano develops the fine motor skills necessary to play music "musically" (i.e., reproducing the louds and softs of music). A digital piano is really not feasible for 95% of piano lessons. We teach on acoustic pianos here at our studios and often notice students struggling with their assignments… Only because they are practicing on inferior electronic instruments! Hence, a "plug-in" keyboard is okay, but really not the best for most piano lessons. More questions?

The piano instructors at Knox Music Studios:

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holds a BM in Piano and a MM in Collaborative Piano. She is a collaborative pianist, teacher, producer and the Artistic Director at Arts of Faith Intl. She has taught piano since 1983 and performed around the world since 1987.

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has a Bachelor of Music in Piano Pedagogy and Master of Music in Piano Performance and Literature. She is trained in Suzuki Piano, is an active accompanist and chamber music instructor and has been teaching since 1990.

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majored in piano for 2 years in college, then completed both a Bachelors and Masters degree in Voice. She has accompanied professionally since 1993 and has taught piano since 2009.

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has a Bachelor of Music in Music Education and a Master of Music in Studio Music and Jazz, Piano. He has been teaching since 2006, is a music director for a local church and performs regularly around town and in the Southeast.

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holds a Bachelor of Music in Music Education and Cello Performance, is pursuing a Masters in Cello Performance, and has taught since 2009.

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is excited to be back in her hometown spreading the joy of music. She has had the privilege of teaching voice and piano lessons to all ages since 2015 and received her Bachelor of Music Degree (Vocal Performance) with a minor in Speech & Theatre from MTSU.

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holds a Bachelor degree in Music Theory and is trained in classical piano. He started teaching in 2010 and also plays locally in Knoxville area.

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