Learning the violin is great for all ages! Students will develop a sense of pitch and fine motor skills with this classic instrument. Some things to consider:

We have students from age 4 to adults in our violin lesson program. It's never too late to start!
We teach the most common styles of violin: Suzuki, traditional, and fiddle.
Yes, you'll need your own appropriately sized violin. A variety of sizes are made from 4/4 (full size) to 1/32 size. You can either rent or buy from a local violin shop and we like to use Wilhite Strings.
Yes, violin might make your fingertips a little sore at first because you'll be pressing down on strings. Also, it might take some time before you're playing some songs because the first few steps are learning how to hold the instrument and bow.

The violin instructors at Knox Music Studios:

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is currently pursuing an Associates in Music Education. She began teaching in 2014 and is an assistant in Knoxville Youth Orchestra. Joy is also an intern at Oak Ridge Symphony Orchestra.

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is from Puerto Rico, where she completed a BA in Violin Performance from the Conservatory of Music. She has founded and conducted award-winning ensembles and has been teaching since 2006.

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holds a Bachelor of Music in Music Education, and has been teaching strings since 2013.  She currently teaches orchestra at Oak Ridge Schools.  

Contact us to inquire about availability with these great instructors!
You can start anytime with no long term contracts.