We offer all types of guitar lessons: acoustic, electric, classical, Suzuki, rock, blues, jazz and everything in between! Here are a few common questions answered:

At our school, we've had students as young as four to a student in their eighties!
We teach all styles of guitar! Suzuki, traditional, jazz, improvisation, "by ear…" We can accommodate any age student and skill level because we have instructors ready, willing and able to meet your needs.
Absolutely! The two biggest considerations are quality and appropriate sizing (1/2, 3/4 and full size are the options). Your instructor can help you with the correct size. If you're bringing an electric guitar, don't worry about bringing an amp or cable - we have those in our teaching rooms. Need some more help?
Yes, you should know guitar is a bit more technically challenging and you might not be playing something right away. Also, your fingertips press down on the strings, leading to maybe a wee bit of soreness until your fingertips "toughen up." Keep these points in mind when you begin your lessons and don't let them discourage you!

The guitar instructors at Knox Music Studios:

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holds a Doctorate in Music. A recipient of numerous awards, he is also an active performer and has been teaching since 2003 in university, conservatory and community arts school settings.

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has a Bachelor of Music Education and is a licensed teacher, K-12, for vocal and general music education. He has taught guitar, vocals, bass and mandolin since 2003.

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is a music lover with an Associates degree in Performance & Education. She's been playing guitar since 2006 and teaching since 2012. She performs often in the area and loves to share her musical joy with students!

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has an Associate's Degree in Music Theory and is currently pursuing a Bachelor's in Studio Music and Jazz, Guitar. Her performance experience includes various local rock and bluegrass bands.

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is a composer and guitarist who has recently moved here from NYC. He has extensive performing experience and also teaching Jazz Guitar Masterclasses. He has been teaching since 1998.

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has a Bachelor of Music in Studio Music & Jazz and has played many styles professionally, including rock, pop, jazz, blues, country, bluegrass, and many others. He has taught guitar and ukulele since 2007.

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is pursuing a Bachelor's of Music in Studio Music and Jazz, has over 20 years experience recording and performing various styles from Bluegrass to Classical. He has been teaching since 2008.

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